Yakaza Metal Aluminium Zip Screens

Aluminium Zip Screens


Yakaza Metal Aluminium Zip Screens, are among the first choices with their more beautiful, more useful and remarkable visuality instead of the usual awnings with the development of technology and design.

It ranks first among those who prefer striking visuals!


* Thanks to the motorized zipper system in the mechanism,  the edges of the curtain are fixed in such a way that they cannot be loosened or opened by wind or movements. 

* Our Zip Screens, are designed to provide both exterior and interior shading. It provides sunlight control and keeps insects out. 

* Thanks to the special micro-perforated fabric, the zip curtain provides air circulation inside and thanks to its special side seams, the fabric does not sag or deteriorate.

* The zip curtains we produce from durable materials are long-lasting and have different color and pattern options. 

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