Yakaza Metal Aluminium Winter Garden

Carmen Winter Gardens


Our winter garden does not have a single evocative name for us. For some it evokes the famous opera Carmen, for others music or the Garden of God. All we know is that it will be the pearl of your estate. 


Yakaza Metal Aluminium Winter Garden Systems, are designed to be used in large areas such as private properties, hotels, restaurants and cafes.
Carmen Winter Gardens, which have a double-glazed, openable structure, offer you the pleasure of sitting in the garden. During the design phase, you can have it designed in any geometric shape you wish.

Do you want to create a corner of paradise in perfect harmony with nature?


*Carmen Winter Garden, has an important place in our lives with the advantages and beauty it provides to the space.

*One of the most important features of our winter garden systems is that they appear integrated with the garden. For this purpose, glass extending from floor to ceiling is generally used. In this way, the feeling of being in the garden is preserved.

*Carmen Winter Garden Systems, can be a separate room or can be used as a garden or dining room where you can grow your plants.

*You just place the interior design as you wish and enjoy the winter months.

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