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Aluminium Pivot Doors

Pivot doors has various advantages to hinged entrance doors. For starters, the door doesn't have to open from the very end of one side.

Aluminium Entrance Doors

The main reason why you should choose an aluminium entrance door is it has better insulation than other doors, also have the same high protection and much lightweight than other doors.

Aluminium Sliding Systems

To make your custom-built homes or residential projects stand out from the rest, you can consider choosing aluminium sliding systems over all other options.

Aluminium Bifold Systems

Bifold Systems, are change the atmosphere of where it is placed. They are also a solution to the spacing problem; very popular right now they are a common choice for use by garden and house doors.

Aluminium Window Systems

At Yakaza Metal Aluminium you will find an Aluminium window for every project type, from commercial to residential to traditional and contemporary.

Curtain Wall Systems

In particular, a properly glazed curtain wall will improve the thermal efficiency of a building and will improve the thermal efficiency of a building and will cut down an operating costs.


High efficent glass system based on aluminium profiles is the ideal system for glazed railings (balconies, stairs and building enclosures) with high architectural standarts.

Smart Lock Systems

Smart Locks, are a critical component of the smart home and make life easier while increasing security.Use your smartphone instead of the classic key.

Aluminium Guillotine Systems

Aluminium Guilliotine Systems, are one of the most innovative systems in window systems. Motorized wings can be controlled both by the control panel and the remote control.

Aluminium Pergola Series

Pergola Series are designed to be used in large areas such as private properties, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Stands out with its modern design and high level of visual and thermal comfort.

Aluminium Winter Gardens

Winter Gardens, which have a double-glazed, openable structure, offer you the pleasure of sitting in the garden. You can have it designed in any geometric shape you wish.

Aluminium Fence Series

Fence Systems, are a type of fence made of aluminium produced materials that can be removed and installed without welding or any process. 

Aluminium Cladding Systems

Cladding Systems, have superior durability and the capacity to cover entire buildings. It offers customisation options with profile types.

Aluminium Rolling Shutter Systems

Rolling Shutters System, which is installed on top of the window frame, are compatible with a wide range of extruded slats, whether straight or curved. 

Aluminium Shading Systems

Shadig System, is combines design and functionality. While giving a different look to the exterior of a building, it provides shade and comfort to the people inside.

Aluminium Garden and Garage Gates

Our Garden and Garage Gates, customize the entrance to your property with their attractive designs. Hinged or Sliding Gates suit all tastes, both traditional and modern.

Aluminium Glass Canopy and Carport Solar 

Glass Canopy and Carport Solar Systems, are designed for commercial and residential parking lots. Its capacity is customized to your needs. 

Aluminium Zip Screens

Thanks to the motorized zipper system in the mechanism, the edges of the curtain are fixed in such a way that they cannot be loosened or opened by wind or movements.

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