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Automatic Doors


Automatic doors give that welcome feel to any commercial or public building as well as assisting disabled users and the general public.  Our range of automatic doors are available as either brand new installations or we can provide a wide range of automatic swing, sliding and folding operators to retro-fit to existing doors.

Automatic doors make a bold statement for the entrance to any commercial building or retail premises. All Automatic Door Operators from Aluminium Door supplies meet the highest standards for function and design allowing for individual solutions that take into account individual building requirements.

The range of automatic door systems open up an almost unlimited range of door design options and bring a convenience to entrances in buildings as well as offering high performance, security and convenience.

Whether you are installing a new entrance or wish to refurbish an existing set of entrance doors, Aluminium Door Supplies offer a wide range of automatic door operators to suit you specific needs.  All operators are simple to install with comprehensive installation and wiring instructions provided.  They are affordable, reliable and with high specification as standard.

Automatic sliding door operators are modern, space-saving, functional and elegant.

The range of automatic door operators from Aluminium Door Supplies are suitable for all types of commercial entrances, shopfronts and can be fitted to aluminium, timber, steel and plate glass doors.

The range of Automatic Door Operators is suitable for:

  • New or retrofit doors
  • Will suit sliding, swing, folding and stacking door types
  • Aluminium, steel or timber
  • Any type of door system whether standard or modified